Growing up in the heart of Britain’s second city, Ryan Stark writes crime fiction with a gritty realism.

DSC_0311Stark’s storytelling comes into its own through crime stories reminiscent of Noir Crime and Pulp Fiction novels of the great British Detective authors. The compelling narrative and interplay between the characters gives them another dimension, which draws the reader into the twists and turns of the plot, eager to turn the next page.

“Slowly building, reeling you in until you can’t put it down.” – E. Shaw

“Having read Killing by the Book, I waited with anticipation for the next one. I can say it kept me guessing right up until the end.” –  F. Phillips

“Gripping read. Rich in detail and disturbingly dark.” – Dr. K. Grant

“Stark’s writing is a masterclass in British Detective Crime thrillers, action packed and suspenseful, building to a jaw-dropping climax.”

“I took this away on holiday and it kept me going through travel and quiet evenings nicely.” – S. Leach

“Addictive, absorbing and baffling right up until the stunning, sinister climax.” – J. Peters

“3-dimensional characters, plausible scenarios gradually revealing the truth. Hurry up with the next one!” – S Burke

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