Killing by the Book

“Gripping read. Rich in detail and disturbingly dark. I’m looking forward to the follow-up.”

“I took this away on holiday and it kept me going through travel and quiet evenings nicely.”

” 3 dimensional characters, plausible scenarios, gradually revealing the truth. Hurry up with the next one!”

KBTB Front CoverAfter a postman discovers a woman brutally murdered in West London, it seems like just another isolated incident in an uncaring city.

When Detective Inspector Scott Daley and Detective Sergeant Deborah Whetstone are called in to investigate, they find striking similarities with an unsolved homicide four years before and they fear that a serial killer has awoken.

Who was exterminating the Monday Club and why?

Killing by the Book is the first novel by Ryan Stark, featuring Daley and Whetstone and the North London Homicide Unit.

You can read it as a Paperback or Kindle.


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