It’s always humbling to be noticed.

With book signings, personal appearances and press calls, the life of a best-selling author is an exciting one. However, when one is beginning one's hopefully stratospheric rise, it can be quite a lonely one. So, its fabulous when, out of the blue, someone shows an interest. International superstar and media sweetheart Ryan Stark is slowly … Continue reading It’s always humbling to be noticed.

The camera loves ya, baby

Obviously Ryan Stark, being the global celebrity and media sweetheart that he is, can hire an internationally famous, award-winning ex-paparazzo-turned-artiste to create a few tasteful images. However, as Ryan's somewhat more, er, real alter-ego, finances didn't run to that. But help was to hand. My daughter Emma, dusted off her Nikon and Fine Art Degree, … Continue reading The camera loves ya, baby