As international playboy and media sweetheart, Ryan Stark can bang out a tasty piece of prose like the best of them. However, good ole Ryan has a problem or two when it comes to the whole craft of writing. You see, despite the public school education there was little need for an Oxford comma in official communications or for flowery adjectives and sensational superlatives in coded missives from behind the Iron Curtain.

Seriously though, and I reckon I am preaching to the converted here, writing is much more than simply stringing words the right words together in the right order. It involves imagination and artistry, a yen for a good yarn and plenty more beside. Then there’s marketing, blogging, social media, publicity, maybe even artist and illustrator.

My writing space

Now that’s great if you happen to be an award winning author as you are a good way along that path, or have people to chauffeur you along it. It also helps if you are well-connected or a celebrity, as you may find people to actually do the writing too. If you happen to be a person with a blank screen and a whole raft of good intentions, what seems straightforward soon turns out anything but.

So I am hoping that I can share some of my experience and hopefully you will comment and share yours. I don’t profess to be right or to know all of the answers but maybe…just maybe…we can get there together.